Friday, 26 April 2013


Soooo last weekend my friends and I decided to give Black Dog Ballrooms' Dog Bowl a go! I haven't been bowling in yonks and with my Uncle being a fantastic bowler I assumed I would have a natural gift for the very wrong I was. Above are pictures that give a general outlook of how the night played out, as you can see I spent most of it on the floor! I am terrible at bowling it is embarrassing! Hence the below face!

All of this aside we all had a fantastic night out, the venue was both fun and pleasantly quirky. Where my usual experience of bowling consisted of smelly old shoes, cheap food and a sticky looking bar; Dog Bowl felt exactly like an attractive bar and restaurant featuring the added entertainment of a bowling alley. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative night out!

Thursday, 11 April 2013


As I am embracing the middle of this week my healthy eating and strict fitness regime (yawnnnnn) is starting to test my commitment to that summer body! I found myself reminiscing; and slightly drooling over last weeks treat day! The old bf took me to The Spoon Inn in Chorlton for a larvlyyy salmon bagel....mmmmm bread!!

For those of you living within the vicinity of Chorlton in Manchester it is a scrummy place for lunch, and their tea selection is too die for! On this particular visit I opted for a lemonade however! Luke had a bacon bagel and swished it down with his usual coca cola. Anyways back to revision and applying for jobs for me! Here are some piccies....enjoy!!!