Wednesday, 7 August 2013


So recently I have been a little vacant from the bloggy woggy (again)! However with good reason!!! I have now officially graduated, started a new job and moved out of apartments (forever!!) and into a lovely little house close to my family!!

When planning this blog post and looking at my life now I can honestly say this is the happiest I (and Luke) have ever been....hence the title!

So whats the cause for all this happiness? First things first: I am now a First Class Honours Graduate in International Fashion Marketing! Sigh all the hard work has paid off and having zero life/time/fun has been totally worth it. Welcome Rebecca Frances McGurk BSc. 

Alongside my overwhelming, fantastic results I have landed my dream job...Ecommerce Manager for Bellfield Clothing. As much as this role is a challenging one I've found it to be a breath of fresh air as I do enjoy a good old challenge. Having worked for Flannels for two years I did leave with a heavy heart and have made some fantastic friends that I will cherish forever! Upon my leaving I had a bake fest!!! Armed with 67 cakes on my last day I helped everyone remember me via inches on the hips! Below are some piccies of my not great looking but super tasting baking!

I had to lock the buns in their cages whilst baking as they were getting rather excited and a little thief-like. Of course they spent the entire night snouts pressed to the bars!