Thursday, 21 November 2013


I have many many friends in my life that mean the absolute world to me, however when it comes to the two girls featured in this post; they are my ultimate babes! I met this pair when I was living in the Lake District and attending Lancaster and Morecambe College. In the two years we spent studying Public Services we became inseparable and spent literally the best years of my life showing Lancaster how to paaaarrrttttaaayyyyy!

Since then we attended separate Universities and after graduating we have all taken very different career paths. Hannah (gorgeous brunette on the left) has recently moved to Manc land and is a member of the British Transport Police, Lisa (blushing blonde in the middle) leads a very lavish life working on a cruise ship for the Merchant Navy and as you may know I spend my days in front of a computer managing a clothing website! However, our differences are what make this clan so perfect!

A couple of weeks ago Lisa landed in be the UK and made a B-line for Manchester to spend a night on the town! We headed to Love Lust Liquor and Burn for some grub with mine and Hannah's fellas, then ditched the boys and hit Hula for a boogie and a couple of Zombies! I had such a fantastic night, the only down side being when I spend time with these beauts and Lisa heads off back to sea I miss our Tripod so much more!!!! Ladies, I love you to absolute death and cannot wait for our next reunion in 2014!

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